Why You Need a Bridal Stylist and a Planner

I may be biased but the cool thing about bridal stylists are that we not only assist brides in looking and feeling their best, but we also benefit wedding planners too! Sure, having a wedding planner helps to ease A LOT of the wedding stress that comes up as you’re planning a wedding, but a bridal stylist does this for your wedding wardrobe! Wedding planners are amazing when it comes to utilizing their skills in time-management, organization, having an eye for design, being punctual, and more. However, not all planners care for the wardrobe aspect because it’s simply not their passion. And that’s okay! Here’s my opinion on why wedding planners and bridal stylists should collaborate more often!

  • (1) While the planner is overseeing vendors, your stylist is creating magic in the bridal suite. You’ll be surprised how much your planner is running around making sure your entire event runs smoothly. With a bridal stylist on-hand, brides can remain catered to and your planner is able to gain more bandwidth.
  • (2) Stylists are a bride’s hype-man and will handle those overwhelming emotions she’s experiencing. Cold feet are a thing! This is a huge moment and feelings can be intense while preparing to walk down the aisle. Bridal stylists handle big emotions and assist in calming those nerves, feelings of anxiety, and give brides the confidence to strut your stuff!
  • (3) Stylists cater to brides in the fashion department so planners can focus on their passion, the planning! Need I say more? Planners are a God-send and needs the emotional and physical capacity to create the best wedding possible. Some planners would rather focus on the details of the day and prefer the hand-off the styling to an expert. Two heads are better than one, right?
  • (4) If a bride wants that luxe princess treatment, impress her with a stylist to refer her to. From the time we’re small, some of us dream of that special day where we’re getting pampered before saying “I Do.” Experience the ultimate bridal treatment by hiring both, a wedding planner and a bridal stylist to ensure it’s a moment to remember.

Leave a comment below on how you feel about this dream team?

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